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PIN Ecosystem

Within the PIN Ecosystem, you own your data and you can use it to drive positive outcomes for your business. Platforms run by the big tech giants own and control your data — and are using it to their advantage as well as your competitor’s advantage. Our ecosystem allows individuals, organizations, and local municipality entities to come inside a micro-to-macro content environment.  The OCN layers a co-op environment for businesses, with an individual content creator engine, and a built-in marketplace.  This allows the public to connect, with local businesses, and their local communities across all facets of life without having to engage with the traditional tech giants. More than “another” social media platform, Our Community Now combines local news, local content, multimedia diversity, local business, local promotion, and local commerce in a one-stop shop allowing our audience to exist in a world where they control their data and they control how or IF that information is used.

Bottom line:

You own your data and it is never for sale.


  • Point-of-sale and eCommerce trends for understanding customer interests and revenue opportunities on new products, upsells, and add-on items.
  • B2B ECommerce, D2C eCommerce, eProcurement, Punchout Catalogs, and Product Information Management for fortune 1000 companies.


  • Marketing and Advertising for Food and Beverage
  • Ad placements for local businesses
  • Fundraising campaigns for performing arts
  • Daily Deals, offers, and announcements for small local businesses


  • Marketing for industries including Legal, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, and Nonprofits
  • Customer journey and experience mapping over multiple platforms and contact sources including web, chat, text, telecom, and in-person
  • Business analysis for organizations investigating growth and expansion opportunities
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