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Prometheus Intelligence

Redefine the future of digital marketing

Why guess at your success?

Meet Prometheus Intelligence Technology™, our Artificial Intelligence that uses data to create campaigns that are in line with your goals and lowers your costs over time.

Data Differentiator

Focused on building ways to extract, manage, analyze, deploy, and monetize first, second, and third party data for clients' success.

Data Platform

Allows organizations to create their own customized solutions for growth, moving away from predetermined paths or cookie cutter approaches.

Data Driven

To be data driven is to not be beholden to third parties atttempting to control how their businesses grow, or worse, turn off access to opportunities on a whim. With us, your data is your data.

Prometheus Intelligence Technology™

Data Extraction

Every click, transaction, and review generates valuable data. This can generate and curate actionable insights into customer engagement habits.

Data Management

Combined with robust attribution reporting, we can get a bird’s eye view of the customer journey and map the most valuable points of engagement.

Data Deployment

There’s no limit to the ways that data can be utilized. It allows the consumer cycle to identify the most effective creative choices. From there, custom-tailored content engages those targeted audiences.

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